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Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center
Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center
Rhinebeck, NY

Rhinebeck Performing Arts, a not-for-profit theatrical organization, in Rhinebeck, NY had acquired a piece of land where they held outdoor performances during the summer under a tent. Working with another local architect, they had developed a master plan for a large auditorium theater.  They retained Optimus to develop the design and construction documents to create and build just the stage building that could house both performances and seating, until they found the resources to build out the auditorium.

Optimus developed the design with a steel frame supporting insulated stress skin panels for economical construction and energy efficiency.  We maintained the rural barn character.  Developed the loft space, catwalks and structure for stage set and curtain rigging.  The stage floor has lift out panels for a pit band and below stage performance activity.  The audience entrance uses off state right with waiting, toilet rooms, tickets and snack bar.

This phase one version of the Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center has successfully served the RPA theatrical organization and community for years now through a variety of performances put on by different theater groups and performers.

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