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Slocum Dickson Medical Group Infusion Center
Slocum Dickson Medical Group
Utica, NY

Slocum Dickson Medical Group retained Optimus to design their new Infusion Center on the ground floor of their approximately 150,000 sf Utica, NY medical office building. Optimus has designed a number of Infusion Centers for hospitals and private physicians.

The project is located in a former 4,500 sf medical file work area a split level with two means of accessing each level, an existing ramp on one side and steps on the other side. The project required a gut rehab, taking the space back to shell space. Design was started October 2010. Construction started April 2013 and completed September 2013.

Optimus developed a design with waiting, reception, exam rooms and physician offices on the upper level. The Infusion cubicles, nurse station, mixing room and support spaces are on the lower floor.

Optimus studied several infusion cubicle options for Slocum Dickson with more or less enclosure to address varying degrees of access, visibility and privacy. A cubicle defined by a full height fixed wood partition with a retractable glass and wood sliding door was selected for adjustable privacy.

Colors and finishes were selected for an attractive, warm and comforting facility at a moderate cost. Slocum Dickson retained a fish tank designer to develop a feature attraction for the infusion area. Optimus designed the nurse station with a center cabinet island to support the fish tank.

Though this project complies with many of the functional requirements of a NYSDOH approved Infusion Center, it is not required to comply with health code space and dimensional requirements. As a result, this Infusion Center was able to be designed within a more compact area.

This project also demonstrates an effective functional design achieved within a limited budget, without sacrificing the aesthetic environment that staff and patients require for their work and healing.

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