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Central Hudson Gas & Electric Extends Contract With Optimus

Central Hudson Gas & Electric has been a repeat client of ours for many years.  Though Optimus Architecture specializes in healthcare architecture, Optimus and principal architect, David Souers, AIA, has a solid foundation in corporate and commercial architecture with clients like IBM and other national corporations on large and small projects.

Over the last three years, Optimus has been on call to address a variety of projects for Central Hudson.  These projects have involved attractive business interiors like their new corporate cafeteria to smaller utility projects like their exhaust evacuation project for a maintenance garage.   We have addressed facility master planning, site plan approval, building expansion, interior renovation and conversions for various headquarter and district service buildings.  There are many benefits for this contract arrangement for both Central Hudson and Optimus.  We get to know their personnel, their corporate standards and their facilities.  We are able to assign a project manager and staff that can consistently support Central Hudson.  We can be brought in quickly to address emergency projects needed to keep a facility in operation, or to accomplish a project within a particular budget cycle.  Our fee arrangements are predictable and our time is more efficient, keeping the overall costs of our services down.

We are very pleased to have had our contract extended for another three years.  We look forward to giving Central Hudson our attention and best service.







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