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Optimus celebrates our 20 Year Anniversary




Optimus Architecture is celebrating 20 years in practice.

Over this period, we have built a firm recognized both locally and nationally for our attention to aesthetic design, function and value.

We are proud to have developed special expertise in healthcare design. The American College of Healthcare Architects has recognized our work, under principal architect David Souers, AIA, for promoting the ACHA’s high standards of professional care and experience in healthcare design. Nationally, we have earned awards such as the ASHE Vista award for our birthing center design at Northern Dutchess Hospital.

We continue to develop and deliver projects designed to suit the local context and community needs of the Northeast and the Hudson Valley in a variety of project types including banks, corporate, public, education, residential and recreational facilities. Locally, we have earned awards for Poets Walk Park, Rhinebeck Saving Bank and Montgomery Row.

We thank the people who have been key to our 20 years of growth and success. Our staff have come to us with excellent education and backgrounds, ready to learn, grow and build careers with us. We have had many excellent repeat clients who collaborate with us, contributing their expertise to our work. Consultants and contractors are critical in our industry. We appreciate the many superior consultants and contractors who value and trust our work, recognize our understanding of their work, and share their skills and ideas with us for better results. We also thank our local communities with their many leaders and organizations who have supported us and enabled us to support them.

We look forward to another 20 years of collaboration, providing the best in design, construction, ownership and operation of the facilities that we make possible and develop together for the benefit and improvement of life in our region.

Please take time to see our new website ( that highlights 20 years of our working with you.  We will now be able to keep our new website up to date with new projects and news that we hope will inspire your next project as we go forward into our next 20 years.




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