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Amenia Health Center
Hudson Valley Healthcare & Morgan Contracting Corporation
Amenia, NY

Optimus was retained by Hudson River HealthCare (HRHCare) as a Design/Build partner with Morgan Contracting Corporation.  HRHCare had a small modestly constructed out dated 1970’s physician office in Amenia, NY.  Their program required doubling the size of the facility, and then renovating the original building, while keeping the current healthcare services in operation.  Morgan and Optimus determined that the best result would come from building the new addition, moving the clinic into the new addition, and then replacing the existing building with a new one on the same footprint.

The completed facility added reception and waiting space, conference and education, dentistry, ophthalmology, exam and consult rooms and support space.  The original facility was  deficient in many areas of the health codes.  Optimus brought the entire facility up to current NYSDOH, CMS and FGI standards.  HRHCare retains a foreign architect to assist them with aesthetic decisions and planning.  Optimus worked with this architect, interpreting and implementing the preliminary design to conform with Article 28 health codes and outpatient diagnostic & treatment facility requirements.

HRHCare is a Planetree affiliate.  This was a compatible relationship for us.  Optimus has practiced Planetree principles over our 20 years of healthcare design practice.  Our philosophy has been to design facilities that contribute to patient centered care.  We integrate modern medical technology with environments that enhance healing through comfortable patient, family and staff friendly surroundings, enabling all participants to share their knowledge, with the freedom to make well founded informed choices.

The project remains as attractive today, several years after completion, as it was the day it opened.



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