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Benedictine Hospital Cafeteria
Benedictine Hospital
Kingston, NY

Optimus Architecture was retained by Benedictine Hospital to design their cafeteria renovation to resolve a number of problems with their food service and dining . Their original dining room consisted of a single linear space across a common corridor from the serving line. Food tray carts from patient rooms aas well as the dining room would wait in the corridor for dish washing. This unsightly environment greeted staff and visitors as  they entered the food service line.

Through reorganization and remodeling, Optimus corrected these conditions. We eliminated the corridor, developing a food cart storage room and tray return. We added a condiment stand and low partitions with views across the dining areas. We added a greenhouse dining room with radiant floor heating, and broke up the interior dining room into several smaller dining areas where staff and visitors can find some quiet privacy. A patio provides outdoor dining in good weather where the hospital occasionally serves barbecues.

Compared with most hospital dining, this facility provides a pleasant cafe-like environment with ample natural light and quiet surroundings for staff and visitors to escape their hospital routines and healthcare issues.

Principal Architect, David A. Souers, AIA, and Optimus has designed and/or managed construction on foodservice and dining facilities for a number of other corporate clients including the Christian Science Church, John Hancock Insurance, Digital Equipment, IBM and Central Hudson Gas & Electric.

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