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Central Hudson Cafeteria
Central Hudson
Poughkeepsie, NY

Optimus designed the remodelling of Central Hudson’s corporate headquarters foodservice and caferia.  We started with a 1950’s wide open dining and food service area with no separation between food line and dining.

Our client requested a more comfortable, well organized, dining facility with a modern appearance, making good use of the existing natural light.  Our circulation plan directs diners comfortably from cafeteria entrance, to food service line, to condiment counters, to cashier, and then out to a well defined dining area.  Our lighting and canopy design at the food line highlights and draws attention to the food area.  Our use of solid and aluminum storefront partitioning define the cashier area while bringing light throught the space.  Our column and ceiling design further direct and define the circulation and dining seating.

As Central Hudson’s employees have limited time for meals, with few nearby dining options, this cafeteria gets lots of activity. In addition, Central Hudson uses the cafeteria to support their staff during training and emergency power outage activities.  This new cafeteria environment has greatly increased employee dining and satisfaction.

Principal Architect, David A. Souers, AIA, has designed and/or managed construction on foodservice and dining facilities for a number of other corporate and health care clients including the Benedictine Hospital, Christian Science Church, John Hancock Insurance, Digital Equipment and IBM.


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