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Glens Falls Hospital Surgical Unit
Glens Falls Hospital
Glens Falls, NY

Harry M. “Mac” Depan Surgical Care Unit

Optimus has planned and designed many patient units at various hospitals.  Glens Falls Hospital retained us to plan and design the conversion of this 18,500 sf surgical care unit from semi-private rooms to (27) private rooms.   The unit, located on a 4th floor wing of the hospital, had not seen any renovations since it was constructed in the 1970’s.  Optimus reorganized the unit, moving the nurse station for better visibility and control, with view of the elevator access.  Additional doctor, nurse and tech sub work areas were incorporated into new cross halls to distribute staff more efficiently to patients.  Staff support spaces were added or relocated to improve proximities and reduce staff travel.  A staff conference room was added for shift changes and education.  The staff lounge was relocated where it would be more private and out of the way.  Visitors and family arrive on the floor from elevators into a hotel-like lobby sitting area, with a nourishment station and rest room.  The larger open nurse station is conveniently across the hall, slightly concealed by suspended translucent screens for semi-privacy.  Our architects and interior designers took advantage of natural light, designing rich colors and earthy tones with good quality and natural materials, appropriate for the expected abuse level.   Decorative pendant lights dot the perimeter of the nurse station counter, adding sparkle and class.  Patient rooms have decor and space for both patient and family comfort and clinical function.  The patient room design was developed with staff input on all aspects, including head and foot wall layout and design, bathroom and furnishings.  A sofa bed is provided in each room for family.  The hospital completed a new state-of-art patient tower less than ten years ago.  However both staff and Administration report that this unit has become their new standard for future projects.  The surgeons who requested this this project are thrilled as well.

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