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The Kingston Hospital Dialysis
The Kingston Hospital
Kingston, NY

The Kingston Hospital provided the only out-patient dialysis service for northern Ulster and Dutchess counties with a small unattractive and cramped facility in their main hospital, and a small facility in Catskill, NY. Looking to improve their Kingston facility, they located a vacant 12,000 sf drugstore in Kingston.  However, before acquiring the site, they asked Optimus to help them with feasibility studies for a dozen other sites to evaluate access, image, ease and cost of construction, utilities, and approval requirements. After the study, everyone agreed that the drugstore site offered the best opportunity.

Optimus toured several dialysis centers in the metropolitan New York area with hospital representatives.  We then retained a consultant from Tennessee to advise on the equipment and operational issues. The program included 30 treatment stations, two home training rooms, a community conference room, a patient education/conference room, as well as, all of the support functions.

Our design had to accomplish several critical objectives. We needed to overcome the big box image of the former drug store, and create an inviting sheltered entrance . We wanted to treat the staff and patients to lots of natural light and comfortable surroundings. We wanted an open visible interior where staff can be aware of their patients as they enter and leave the building. We wanted staff to have their own private circulation and service areas separate from patient activity.

On the surface, this is a warm patient friendly environment. Behind the scenes is a very sophisticated set of equipment systems and support areas that make this a state-of-art dialysis center. Optimus wants every one of our healthcare projects to look as inviting and comfortable as The Kingston Hospital Dialysis Center while providing the best in healthcare.

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