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Montgomery Row
Montgomery Row
Rhinebeck, NY

Optimus Architecture was retained to design a new 25,000 sf two story mixed use project on Route 9 in Rhinebeck next to the Starr Building on the former Chevy Garage display lot.

Our work started with analyzing the site opportunities and constraints. Rhinebeck is a vehicle and pedestrian oriented community. Accommodating both is critical to a successful retail commercial development. Rhinebeck is also rich in historic and traditional architecture. Designing within this context requires sensitivity. Building street fronts are important to the urban character and street activity. We worked through several versions of the site and building design with the owner to achieve the quality and character of the outdoor space and building form that we were looking for. Working through both the aesthetic and functional issues will make this an excellent addition to Rhinebeck.

We designed a geothermal ground source heatpump system that economically heats and cools the building. NYSERDA assisted with grants for energy conservation features. This project earned a Dutchess Country Planning award.  It has earned high praise from the community for its attractive fit within the village.  It has also proved to be a business success for its owner.

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