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Northern Dutchess Hospital Lobby
Northern Dutchess Hospital
Rhinebeck, NY

Optimus Architecture had provided design services to Northern Dutchess Hospital over a ten year period.  In 1992, principal architect, David Souers, had prepared a master plan for NDH.  In 1994, Optimus designed the expansion and renovation of NDH’s surgical suite.  Later, Optimus designed a VISTA award winning renovation to NDH’s birthing center.  In spite of this activity, NDH still had many out dated facilities, and a series of ill planned Design/Build projects attached onto the ends of various wings without addressing integration and future additions.

After completing a new master plan with another firm, NDH was prepared to develop a substantial addition and improvements throughout the hospital.  However, the plan was a series of infill and addition projects that did not address the basic organization of circulation and services.  Optimus saw this as the last big opportunity to address conditions that had remained unresolved.  The new masterplan had kept the remote old main entrance while planning a new major outpatient addition on the other side of the hospital. Optimus proposed relocating the main entrance to align with the primary acute care services and next to the planned addition. Our goal was to give NDH a new efficient internal organization while presenting a new face to the community. In historic Rhinebeck, architectural character and purpose are equally important. Today with our design, NDH is a new hospital.

First impressions make a real difference. Patients and visitors now “ooh” and “aah” as they enter the hospital, giving then CEO, Michael Mimoso, good reason to report that “our patients report the highest levels of satisfaction”.  The new lobby provides the single major entry point that every well planned hospital needs for patient and visitor access, wayfinding, and effective efficient proximity to services.  The new CEO, Denise George reported that she enters the hospital every morning through the main lobby to enjoy the uplifting feeling that she gets walking through this elegant and open space.

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