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Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center
Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center
Rye, NY

Specializing in the design of Surgery facilities, Optimus has designed many freestanding privately owned ASC’s, as well as In-patient & Out-patient Hospital Surgery Units.  Optimus designed this ASC for Westchester Medical Group,  the largest physician practice in the Hudson Valley.  WestMed’s CEO, Dr. Schwartz, a hands-on Owner, participated in every meeting and construction tour.  This is an example of our effective user/designer collaboration.  We incorporated this ASC into WestMed’s existing medical building, providing for a patient entrance off a glamorous skylighted lobby, with a separate private staff and service entrance. The ASC has (4) OR’s and a Stereo Biopsy room, with all of the required Prep/Recovery and support spaces.  Our interior designers took advantage of natural light, developing an open, bright, colorful and rich appearance.  As always, this project was accomplished on an economical budget.  As the certification process for ASC’s becomes more rigorous, Optimus has developed our skill and experience in addressing state health departments, CMS and AAAHC.

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