inspired, comfortable, functional building design


Optimus Architecture has a reputation for designing distinctive houses and residential projects sensitive to and in character with the owner’s tastes, the project site and the community.

Optimus and our residential clients are mutually selective in our choice to work with each other, which shows in our residential work.  We have designed historically sensitive additions and major renovations, like our Grant Baden House.  We have designed critically site sensitive houses like our Hilltop House.  We have also designed barns with views and character suited to coastal communities like a barn and house porch additions in Friendship, ME.  We have also designed contemporary houses to meet the needs of handicapped residents with special needs.  We have designed LEED qualified projects using geothermal, solar and energy efficient systems.

Each of our residential projects are designed to meet the particular functional and aesthetic needs of our clients, rather than a standard style, or template.

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