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Optimus Architecture was founded in 1992 by David A. Souers, AIA, ACHA, ASHE, Principal Architect after a twenty year career in commercial and corporate office architecture, real estate development and Design/Build with nationally regionally recognized design and development firms.  These roots still run deep in our firm, and make us unique among architects. With this background, Optimus recognizes the importance of an integrated project delivery that counts on every member to collaborate and contribute to the process.  We are equally familiar and thoughtful of site selection and acquisition, utilities, financing, real estate taxes, leasing, approvals, construction, property management, and user and plant operations, as well as traditional architectural services.As a  Harvard graduate and teaching assistant, Mr. Souers has always recognized the critical importance of education to our services.  Optimus  has become a leading healthcare architect, with Mr. Souers recognized by the American College of Healthcare Architects through our firm’s process of educating our staff in the state-of-art requirements of healthcare facility design.  We listen to our clients with their technical and operational expertise.  We have worked with and were mentored by nationally recognized healthcare architects.  We research and investigate leading resources for healthcare design trends.  We tour state-of-art healthcare facilities.  We regularly attend national and regional healthcare conferences and programs where both clinicians and designers present examples of the  latest challenges and solutions for best design practices.  Within our firm, among our consultants and with our repeat clients, Optimus maintains an open dialog of current trends, important new changes and best case examples for improving our work and services.

Our firm’s attention to detail is recognized and greatly appreciated by our clients and builders.  Whether we are designing a healthcare or bank project with medical gas and OR lights, or under-counter steel and vaults, we pride ourselves in getting the details right for our client’s particular technical requirements.

Coming from a corporate and speculative office design background, Optimus has always made flexibility, affordability, value and timely schedules keystones of our practice.  Every project has a life expectancy that can be extended when the facility allows for future changes with reasonable ease and cost.  Every project has a window of opportunity that can only be achieved  by having the project proceed within an affordable budget on a timely schedule.  Value is best use of our client’s resources by using them where they offer the client the most benefit.Optimus has designed many project types from healthcare to education, office, municipal, recreation and residential.  While each project has its own unique set of requirements, our design values and process has made us very effective in all that we do.

Let us design your next project.  Contact us for an appointment, where we can discuss your particular needs to see if we are the right firm for you.  We can provide a long list of professional and clients references to help support your decision.

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