Community Architecture

Optimus Architecture is a leading firm specializing in community architecture, channeling our experience and expertise into creating excellent community facility designs. With a strong commitment to serving the needs of our community and not-for-profit organizations, we have successfully designed facilities that align with the local character and adhere to affordable budgets.

Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of community projects, including court houses, police stations, municipal offices, recreation centers, educational facilities, and parks.

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Our Community Projects

Scenic Hudson/Poet’s Walk

Location: Rhinebeck, NY

Pets Walk

Scenic Hudson retained Optimus Architecture to design pavilions for Poet’s Walk, a 121-acre park overlooking the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains. The rustic wood-style construction represents the pre-Civil War “Romantic Period,” blending in with its natural surroundings. Optimus Architecture was recognized with a design award from the New York Chapter of the Society of American Registered Architects for this project.

Rhinebeck Performing Arts

Location: Rhinebeck, NY

Rhinebeck Performing Arts

Rhinebeck Performing Arts, a not-for-profit theatrical organization, retained Optimus Architecture to design a building that could house a stage and seating until they had the resources to build an auditorium. Optimus Architecture developed loft space, catwalks, and structures for stage sets and curtain rigging using a rural barn design to blend in with its surroundings. The stage floor has lift out panels for a pit band and below-stage performance activity.

Dutchess County Courts

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

County Courts Building

Dutchess County had received a proposal from another firm for over $56 million to bring the court facilities up to New York State standards. Optimus Architecture and two other joint venture firms designed and completed the five-building project for a total cost of $17 million. Dutchess County DPW Project Manager commented that Optimus Architecture’s supportive participation in the project’s overall development enabled the project team to find solutions to many issues.